A new table culture

A new table culture

Celebrating food everywhere. Cella Berlin produces sustainable, environmentally friendly dinnerware with beautifully designed shapes, as well as outstanding quality at a competitive price. We provide hospitality consulting for those making dinnerware selections while developing a restaurant concept or wanting to improve your guests experience at a hotel or restaurant. Cella Berlin can be an essential part of the total hospitality experience.

Sustainable production

CELLA BERLIN is quality porcelain made in Germany - in each individual, ecologically sustainable stage of production, with short delivery times and 10 year post-purchase guarantee on all styles.

Unique style

Whether serving healthy delicious dinners at a retirement home, comfort food at a hospital, or well balanced meals at schools, Cella Berlin looks at all the different options than can make the enjoyment of the food experience more appealing.

Dining experience

Our philosophy: We founded Cella Berlin
because we believe that a beautiful meal begins with a beautiful plate serving delicious food.