Experience A new dining

Experience A new dining

Every delicious meal starts with the farmers who employ centuries old knowledge to produce their food. With chefs who understand their craft perfectly. And with tableware which is designed with lots of experience. This is precisely what CELLA BERLIN does so uniquely: Behind the design is a porcelain artist who has experimented with the material for many years and has now developed a characteristic design language for CELLA BERLIN which is modern, chic and has an original form yet is simple enough for daily use. Thanks to this well thought-out design and the high-quality “Made in Germany” production, CELLA BERLIN offers an authentic atmosphere for various styles.  

Sustainable production

CELLA BERLIN is quality porcelain made in Germany - in each individual, ecologically sustainable stage of production, with short delivery times and 10 year post-purchase guarantee on all styles.

Unique style

Whether serving healthy delicious dinners at a retirement home, comfort food at a hospital, or well balanced meals at schools, Cella Berlin looks at all the different options than can make the enjoyment of the food experience more appealing.

Dining experience

Our philosophy: We founded Cella Berlin
because we believe that a beautiful meal begins with a beautiful plate serving delicious food.