A fresh, creative design for a successful start to the day: casual at the breakfast buffet or elegant on the laid table. At the coffee table in the afternoon, the variety of articles is shown off to its best advantage. And during coffee breaks, colourful decorations liven things up and add variety. 


From plates and platters to bowls and dishes: CELLA BERLIN has all shapes to offer and is therefore particularly flexible. The well thought-out concept of CELLA BERLIN makes surprising combinations of the individual tableware pieces possible. Whether pizza or pasta, soups, bowls or modern salad creations - CELLA BERLIN is as versatile as we dine today. And therefore always suitable: to your taste.  


CELLA BERLIN lives from the wide variety of parts. The collection shows its character in the shapes and the varying relief. Visually and haptically, each individual item is unique. In combination, they always appear exciting and new: in elegant harmony with the finest creations from your kitchen.