The Tray

Flexibility and efficiency are the key features of this concept.
The gastronomic themes, such as Breakfast/ Lunch/ Brunch/Dinner/Supper/Barfood/Late night/ Room service, can be completely filled with 17 different types of tableware from Cella Berlin. A perfect mix & match for all areas. Cool, casual, flexible, aesthetical, functional, economical, sustainable.


A high level of importance is attached to individuality in this concept: The gastronomic themes of banqueting and dining can be completely recorded using the relevant CELLA BERLIN crockery sequences - and, furthermore, they can also be cleverly employed for all canteen and hotel-based requirements.


Beautiful, sophisticated design for a successful start to the day. Whether it is a low-carb breakfast or a Mediterranean recipe: With CELLA BERLIN you can put all inspirations into practice - and can also arrange the coffee table in retirement homes or hospitals in an inviting and appealing way. The world of colours provides additional diversity, not just in the morning.


Flexibility is the top priority. CELLA BERLIN‘s concept makes surprising  combinations of individual items of crockery for all pizza, pasta and salad specialities possible and is as diverse as our modern diets. The only thing that is still missing? Your creativity.